(Subjective) Ageing in Europe Taking into Consideration Perceived Old Age Lines in Europe

Lajos Bálint , Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO)
Zsolt Spéder, Hungarian Demographic Research Institute

There are several new approaches how to draw the line between old aged and middle aged populations. One of the new approaches includes people’s health status into the recalculation of old age lines and dependencies ratios. In our paper, based on the experiences of related disciplines (eg. subjective aging, subjective health status, subjective poverty lines) we would like to argue to include people’s perception into considerations drawing the old age line. In our analyze we show the relation of Old Age Dependency Ratios and Subjective Old Age Dependency Ratios for two dozen European countries. The comparison will contribute to a better understanding of aging process of countries inhibiting different life expectancies and some additional specific features.

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 Presented in Session P2. Health, Mortality, Ageing - Aperitivo