Thursday, June 13 / 9:00 - 10:30 LG.06

Session 4
Same-sex Couples and Queer Identities

Chair: Clara Cortina, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

1. Divorce risk in same-sex and opposite-sex couples: A register-based study of the roles of religious affiliation, income, and country of birthElina Einio , University of Helsinki; Maria Ponkilainen, University of Helsinki; Mikko Myrskyla, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research.

2. Beyond Traditional Gender Roles: Exploring the Division of Paid and Unpaid Labour in Italian Same-Sex CouplesGioia Geremia , Centre d'Estudis Demògrafics; Agnese Vitali, University of Trento.

3. The Demography of Sweden’s Transgender Population – Patterns, Changes, and SociodemographicsMartin Kolk , Stockholm University; Lucas Tilley, Stockholm University; Emma von Essen, Uppsala University; Ylva Moberg, Swedish Institute for Social Research; Ian Burn, University of Liverpool.

4. Who Answers “Non-Binary”? First Insights into the Responses to the New Answer Category on Gender Identity in German Panel DataNadja Milewski , Federal Institut for Population Research, Wiesbaden; Detlev Lück, Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB).

5. Household Work and Marital Quality in Same-Sex and Different-Sex MarriagesAsya Saydam , University of Texas at Austin.

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