1. Fertility

102. The Role of Social Networks and Diffusion in Fertility Beaujouan/Compans
103. Regional Heterogeneity of Fertility within Countries Beaujouan/Compans
104. Assisted Reproduction Beaujouan/Compans
105. Fertility and Singlehood Beaujouan/Compans
106. Fertility and Migration Beaujouan/Compans
107. COVID-19 Impact on Fertility Beaujouan/Compans
108. Fertility and Reproduction: Bringing Men Back In Beaujouan/Compans
109. Fertility and Work Environment Beaujouan/Compans
110. Fertility and Health Beaujouan/Compans
111. Fertility and Education Beaujouan/Compans
112. Fertility and Gender Equity Beaujouan/Compans
113. Novel Applications of Traditional Tools in Fertility Studies Beaujouan/Compans
114. Contextual Factors for Fertility Beaujouan/Compans
115. Contraception and Reproduction Beaujouan/Compans
116. Flash session Fertility Intentions Beaujouan/Compans

2. Families and Households

201. Same-sex Couples and Queer Identities Laß/Milewski
202. Union Dissolution Laß/Milewski
203. Flash session Values and Attitudes about Family and Gender Laß/Milewski
204. Gender, Households and Housework Laß/Milewski
205. Childcare Laß/Milewski
206. Money and Inequalities in Families Laß/Milewski
207. Time Trends in Family and Household Types Laß/Milewski
208. Work and Family Laß/Milewski
209. Union Formation Laß/Milewski
210. Partner Selection Laß/Milewski
211. Families, Ageing and Health Laß/Milewski
212. Union Dissolution and Children Laß/Milewski
213. Family Diversity and Wellbeing Laß/Milewski
214. Flash Session Family Effects on Children Laß/Milewski
215. Advances in Population Research Session. Kinship Demography – An Emerging Field of Research? Hünteler

3. Life Course

301. Life Course Barban
302. Transition to Adulthood, and Beyond Barban
303. Gender, Work and Parenthood Barban
304. Mental and Cognitive Health Barban
305. Trajectories of Singlehood Barban
306. Till Death (or Divorce) do us Part Barban
Related Sessions in Other Topics
215. Advances in Population Research Session. Kinship Demography – An Emerging Field of Research? Hünteler

4. Ageing and Intergenerational Relations

401. Ageing, Distance and Care Stonawski
402. Ageing and its Consequences Stonawski
403. Grandparents and Grandparenting Stonawski
404. Migration and Spatial Aspects of Ageing Stonawski
405. Flash session Loneliness, Pandemic and Care Stonawski
406. Well-being, Living Arrangements and Satisfaction among Older People Stonawski
407. Intergenerational Relations and Transfers Stonawski

5. Internal Migration and Urbanization

501. Internal Migration and Urbanization Finney
502. Internal Migration and Urban Change Finney
503. Internal Migration of Immigrant Origin Populations Finney
504. Internal Migration, Spatial Inequalities and Segregation Finney
505. Flash session Internal Migration: temporalities, socio-economic and health outcomes Finney

6. International Migration

602. Migrant Conflict Chronicles: Displacement Dynamics and Decision Dilemmas Abel
603. EuroMigration Insights: Unraveling Patterns and Returns in European Mobility Abel
604. Migration Momentum: Mapping Multigenerational Mobility Abel
605. Refugee Realities and Resettlement Reflections Abel
606. Flash session International Migration Abel

7. Migrant Populations

702. Refugees van Tubergen
703. Migrant Health van Tubergen
704. Migrant Populations and Education van Tubergen
706. Family and Social Ties of Migrants van Tubergen
707. Spatial Segregation and Migrant Populations van Tubergen
708. Migrant Populations, Family Life and Gender van Tubergen
709. Migrant Populations and Fertility van Tubergen
710. Marriage and Unions of Migrant Populations van Tubergen
711. Flash session Migrant Populations van Tubergen

8. Health, Morbidity and Wellbeing

801. Health, Wellbeing and Morbidity Acosta
802. Determinants of Depression Acosta
803. Social Inequalities in Sexual and Reproductive Health Acosta
804. Reproductive Health and Family Planning Acosta
805. Wellbeing in Older Age Acosta
806. Flash session Morbidity Acosta
807. Health, Wellbeing and Morbidity in Old Age Acosta
808. Measuring Health, Wellbeing and Morbidity Acosta
809. Flash session Gender Differences in Health, Wellbeing and Morbidity Acosta
810. Nutrition and Metabolism Disorders Acosta
811. The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Health, Wellbeing and Morbidity Acosta
812. Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health, Wellbeing and Morbidity Acosta
813. Migration and Health Acosta
814. Social Inequalities in Health, Wellbeing and Morbidity Acosta
815. The Impact of Violence on Health, Wellbeing and Morbidity Acosta

9. Mortality and Longevity

902. Mortality Modelling Rizzi
903. Kinship Demography: Mortality Risks, Inequalities and Longevity. Rizzi
904. Mortality Inequalities during the COVID-19 pandemic Rizzi
905. Excess Mortality and Life Expectancy Changes during the COVID-19 pandemic Rizzi
906. Social Inequalities in Mortality Rizzi
907. Life Table Methods and Decompositions in Mortality Research Rizzi
908. Modelling and Exploring Infant Mortality Rizzi
909. Causes of Death and Multi-morbidity at Death Rizzi
910. Mortality Trends and Risk Factors Rizzi
911. Longevity and Health Rizzi
912. Flash session Mortality and Longevity Rizzi

10. Historical Demography

1001. Historical Demography Kesztenbaum
1002. Migration and Spatial Dynamics over Time and Space Kesztenbaum
1003. Changing Mortality Patterns over Time and Space Kesztenbaum

11. Data and Methods

1102. Flash session Data Infrastructures for Population Research Kashyap
1103. Modelling Kinship and Fertility Processes Kashyap
1104. Flash session New and Critical Perspectives on Data Collection and Measurement Kashyap
1105. Machine Learning Approaches for Population Research Kashyap
1106. Innovations with Internet and Consumer Data Kashyap
1107. Modelling Subnational and Spatial Variation Kashyap
1108. Modelling and Forecasting Mortality Kashyap
1109. Innovations in Demographic Modelling and Projections Kashyap

12. Economics, Human Capital and Labor Markets

1202. Socio-economic Inequalities and Impacts Gal
1203. Labour Force Transitions and Life Stages Gal
1204. Human Capital Transmissions Gal
1205. Economic Impacts of Population Change Gal
1206. Impacts of Policies and Policy Reforms Gal
1207. Labour Markets and Couples Gal
1208. Flash session 1 Economics, Human Capital and Labour Markets Gal
1209. Flash session 2 Economics, Human Capital and Labour Markets Gal

13. Policy Issues

1301. Policy Effects on Fertility Thomson
1302. Policy Effects on Health and Mortality Thomson
1303. Parental Leave Thomson
1304. Policy Development and Measurement Thomson

14. Environment and Sustainability

1401. Environment and Sustainabilty Conte Keivabu
1402. Climate Change Impacts in the Global South Conte Keivabu
1403. Carbon Emissions and Environmental Policies Conte Keivabu
1404. Climate Change, Morbidity and Mortality Conte Keivabu
1405. Flash session Climate Change, Individual Attitudes and Behavior Conte Keivabu

15. EPC Sessions

17. Poster Sessions

1701. Fertility, Family, Life Course Liu/Kuang
1702. Health, Mortality, Ageing Liu/Kuang
1703. Migration, Economics, Policies, History Liu/Kuang