Friday, June 14 / 14:00 - 15:30 G.02

Session 95
Families, Ageing and Health

Chair: Bruno Arpino, University of Padua

1. Employment Responses to a Partner’s Disability Onset: Do Working Conditions Matter?Constance Beaufils , King's College London; Karen F. Glaser, King's College London; Ben Geiger, King's College.

2. Illness in Marital or Cohabiting Partners: Implications for Welfare Uptake and Labor Market EffortsAstri Syse , Norwegian Institute of Public Health; Oystein Kravdal, Centre for Fertility and Health, Norwegian Institute of Public Health; Siri Rostoft, Oslo University Hospital; Michael J. Thomas, Statistics Norway; Rannveig K. Hart, Department of Health and Inequality, Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

3. Changes in Subjective Wellbeing during the Transition to Widowhood for Men and Women: Does the Social Network Buffer the Effect?Elisa Tambellini , University of Turku/Vaestoliitto; Mirkka Danielsbacka, University of Turku/Vaestoliitto; Anna Rotkirch, Väestöliitto.

4. How does gender moderate the association between marital status and nursing home entry in Europe? A panel analysis of data from SHARE (2004-2020)Sacha Van Duyse , UCLouvain; Ester L. Rizzi, Université Catholique de Louvain; Damiano Uccheddu, University of Louvain (UCLouvain).

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